Chato, our first stallion, a grulla, was an own son of Cochise, described in the 1968 October Western Horseman as an "ideal mustang."  He was bred by our longtime friend and Spanish Mustang breeder, Emmett Brislawn of Oshoto, WY.  Chato was, to us, an exceptional stallion.

Chato had a way of moving so smoothly that he appeared to float.  He was a horse many people took for taller than his 13.3 hands because of the presence he had about him.  He had a big shoulder and narrow v'ed up chest.  He was clean legged and had the convex classic Iberian profile seen less and less these days.  He was described as "one in a million" and to us he was.

Sadly, his life was ended way too soon by lightening.  When we lost him at age 18 he was in his prime, he neither looked nor acted like an "old" horse.  As one friend put it, "the Spanish Mustang Registry has lost a great horse."

Chato's legacy lives on through his sons, Chato's Shadow, and Sabine, grandsons silver Shadow and Silvertip and his daughters.