Choctaw Sundance x Chocolate

Troubleshooter is one of the most favorite horses Dave has owned. He is a true old time Appalosa/Overo Indian Pony with a lot of Spanish characteristics, He is tall, narrow, and leggy! He can fly through rough country. It is easy to see, while watching him move, how the Nez Perce Indians could outrun and out-maneuver the United States Calvary.

Troubleshooter was bred by fellow Mustang breeder Vickie Ives of Marshall, Texas. His sire was the famous Medicine hat/Appaloosa stallion, Choctaw Sundance. His dame is Choclate a double bread Little Thing Mare. We think highly of Little Thing, who carried the Sorraia DNA and has passed it on through her daughters. Troubleshooter and his colorful band of mares and foals run free, as did their ancestors hundreds of years ago, on the edge of the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. We would be happy to show him to you. He is such a fun horse.


Spanish Mustang Registry #2187

American Indian Horse Registry #0-2362

Southwest Spanish Mustang Association #3006


Troubleshooter's Sons (Troubleshooter on right)
Gun Runner (top left)
Crazy Legs (bottom left)