Sorraia Mustang Characteristics

The Sorraia horse is an endangered South Iberian wild horse, or a direct descendant of that wild subspecies.   At Caballos de Destino we are engaged in the preservation of these horses, and are fortunate enough to have a herd of Sorraia Mustangs.


Our program is designed to serve this purpose by:

A) enlarging the Sorraia Mustang population through the strength of our herd,

B) disseminating information about Sorraia Mustangs and Sorraia Horses,

C) finding other mustangs of obvious Sorraia ancestry displayed through characteristics, in cooperation with the Sorraia Mustang Studbook (SMS),

D) helping other to obtain Sorraia Horses and Mustangs,

E) and offering guidance in making the most beneficial breeding choices.

We are dedicated to preserving this breed, educating the public and providing accurate historical information.


Sorraias are always either dun or grulla, with a dark "sooty" face and muzzle area.  Typically, mane and tails are bi-colored (fringed by light colored often almost white hair.) Stripes are typical ( i.e. dorsal, legs, shoulders, etc.) 

Conformation characteristics include a convex head profile, medium long ears, a long slim neck, prominent withers, a narrow chest and a sloping but not steeply dropping, rafter shaped hip.

The horse is refined slender, leggy, smoothly muscled, and 14-14.3 hh in size.  Movements are free and ground covering, and a natural aptness for collection is typical, as is relatively high knee action.  Many have a natural tendency for lateral gaits.

Caballos de Destino's young stallion, Silver Shadow is considered one of the best young stallions available in this country.  His full sister Misty Jo, went to Germany to with a group of Sorraias from Portugal.

Two maternal mustang lines that were DNA proven to be identical to the Sorraia, are those of Little Thing and Blue Corn.  We have some own daughters and several grand-daughters and great-granddaughters of these grand old mares.

Mexi con Estrella, by Texas Pony Lyn and out of Little Mex is one of the best Sorraia Mustangs in the US.  She is another of our foundation mares, the source of many nice grullas and the grand-dam of Silver Shadow.

Our Sorraia Mustangs are registered with the Sorraia Mustang Studbook (SMS) and the result of decades of selective breeding.  They stem mostly from the lines of the Spanish Mustang Registry (SMR), and of the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association (SSMA), and are usually registered with both registries.

One of these horses is a Sorraia in Germany and the other is a Sorraia Mustang from the United States.  Which is which?    

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The filly at the right is "Misty Jo", a Sorraia Mustang,who is now in Germany.  Her full brother "Silver Shadow", owned by Caballos de Destino is considered one of the best Sorraia Mustang stallions in the country.

The Sorraia like mustangs are a valuable genetic resource and could one day be of crucial importance for the survival of this sub species.

In cooperation with the Sorraia Mustang Studbook (SMS), we are committed to helping others obtain Sorraia Horses/Sorraia Mustangs, and offering guidance in making the right breeding choices.

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Silver Shadow


Little Mex

Although Sorraias come as duns & grullas, we are specializing in the grulla variant.



Sorraia mare showing a classic rafter shaped hip,

in thin condition.





A Sorraia mare and foal

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