Chato's Shadow 

Chato x Cahuilla

Shadow, our senior stallion, is a grulla son of Chato, out of Cahuilla, a daughter of Crane.  Shadow is homozygous for the dun factor and sires only duns and grullas, about 90% grullas.  He is also a rare brindled horse, having the brindle markings on his right side, especially the hip.


Shadow has an exceptionally fast walk.  He overreaches with his back feet a good foot and never interferes.  There is no clicking.  You cannot walk when leading him at a walk, you have to trot. Shadow is broke to ride and has been used for everything from parades to running horses. 

He is a living testimonial to the self healing powers of the Spanish Mustang, especially in our experience the Cochise line. He cut his front foot badly and healed himself in the pasture.  Watching him move now you would never know.  He is the kind of horse that would survive in the wild. 


Spanish Mustang Registry #1531

Southwest Spanish Mustang Registry Assn. #1459

Sorraia Mustang Studbook #T-53







Chato's Shadow with Sharron